Setup, Repair and Service of Guitar, Bass and Acoustic instruments in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. UK.


Have you found you don’t bother to pick up your guitar or bass to play because it’s hard work?…
Tough to play?…
Sounds dead & uninspiring?
You may have even chucked it in the loft or under the stairs for these very reasons!

Because wood is a natural product, it’s properties change with time. It seasons and dries, therefore it is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. For these reasons it flexes and moves, making your guitar horrid to play because the action, (string height) is either too high, making it hard work or too low, resulting in string rattle and buzzing, or sometimes completely unplayable.

We are now offering two new services:

  • If you require, we will pick up and re-deliver your guitar for £5.00 within a 12 mile radius of Cheltenham.
  • Home re-strings now available. Within a 12 mile radius of Cheltenham, we will come to your home or place of work and re-string your guitar on the spot for £15.00 plus the cost of strings of your choice.